Give Back to Your School

Give Back to Your School

SchoolListIndia.Com is not just another web portal. It is the face of a well-established, professional, education and career guidance research organization that publishes elaborate and proven materials (books, charts, CDs). SchoolListIndia.Com reaches out to the schools in all corner of the country to offer quality Education Guidance & Career counselling, Seminars/Workshops, “Assess my Career” online exam, EduClub for students and Skill development programs for teachers too.

SchoolListIndia.Com also is working with many NGOs to extend its education and career guidance services to grass-root level and empower rural students. To further understand SchoolListIndia - NGO joint programs please visit: SchoolListIndia – NGO/CSR Joint programs.

From a lot of enquiries and keen interest shown by NRIs and many locals who have relocated to various other parts of India, to be a part of special programs that would help in uplifting their school or native town/village, the SchoolListIndia team has come up with an effective and innovative program called "Give Back to Your School".

Through "Give Back to Your School", any individual can choose to sponsor the Career Guidance seminar/Workshop , Education counselling with our without printed materials.

Here is the 7-step process on this program :

1. SIGNUP: Individual to sign up in “Give Back to Your School” program with their details.

2. PROPOSAL APPROVAL: will work with you and send the quote for sponsorship based on number of students and options and choice of program that you choose. It can be Books or Charts or Career Guidance Seminar / Workshops or all in one.

3. CONFIRM EVENT DATE: We will coordinate with your local contact. It could be the Head master of a school if you choose the school program. If you choose a public program, we will reach out to town/village administrative people to schedule the event.

4. PRINT MATERIALS: We will print the book with your name and put up hoardings with your photo and any miscellaneous details that you want us to use in village/town/school program. As a policy decision, SchoolListIndia will not be including any political party affiliations/religion/caste information in the promo material.

5. CONDUCT EVENT: The program will be delivered on your behalf and our hosts will ensure that the you, the sponsor’s contribution is announced for the public to be aware of and also highlight the efforts you have put in to get the event organized. On the day of the public event, you can choose to address the gathering live or deliver an online speech via skype, audio speech or recorded video speech. If you would like to have the event webcasted, we can have it done so based on the broadband service in the area after looking at the practical and technical feasibility.

6. PHOTOs & Short VIDEO: Once the program is delivered, we will upload the videos and photos online for everyone to see.

7. PUBLISH YOUR NAME: Your school name with your picture would be published in under “Give back to your School” success stories with your most valuable comments. Under your school’s listing in SchoolListIndia.Com, your photo and program sponsorship with the date of event will be recorded and maintained. We believe that would help motivate other people to give back to their school, as you have.

Is the sponsoring expensive? No!
Our intention is to provide high quality career guidance to all the parts of the country by joining hands with every socially conscious and spirited individual. The cost is decided based on the locality and special needs. We also offer special prices for NGOs and the materials will be delivered to students with the name of the sponsor and the sponsor’s message printed on it.

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